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Our mission is to provide our customers with the convenience expected from their optical turnstiles such as 2 wing, 3 wing and 4 wing options while maintaining the latest safety standards that their patrons deserve. All of our 100+ technicians are AAADM (American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers) certified, trained on all makes and models, and drive fully stocked vans to cut down on costly return trips.

Door Control Services has been in continuous operation since 1973 with service technicians located across the states of Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Our support personnel provides dispatch, quotes on demand and project management services. Retrofitting is available for all makes and models of optical turnstiles, which extends the life of your optical turnstiles. 

We service all of the following brands of optical turnstiles:
        Boon Edam
        Other manufacturers upon request




Directional traffic flow is the main purpose of optical turnstiles. These allow the mobility of people while giving direction and security. Some are efficient for high security while others assist in accurate tailgating and piggybacking protection. These sleek traffic funnels meet the needs of monitoring the flow of visitors without physically preventing their passage.


Boon Edam
Speedlane Slide
- This customizable, intuitive speed gate featuring a unique pulsing light strip, combining high design with security.
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Speedlane Swing - The slimmest speed gate, combining customizability with high design and security for accurate tailgating and piggybacking protection.
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Speedlane Open - The barrier free speed gate with the smallest footprint, featuring a unique pulsing light strip to guide the user to their destination.
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Speedlane 900 - This versatile optical turnstile is easily adaptable to your security needs with a variety of barrier heights and finishes.
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Speedlane 300 - This optical turnstile with elegantly lit angel wings offers security with beautiful design.
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Speedlane 996 - This high-security optical turnstile can provide the right combination of security, styling and high traffic capacity for any entrance application.
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Speedlane 2048 - This barrier free optical turnstile allows you to monitor the flow of visitors without physically blocking their passage.
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Swinglane 900 - This optical turnstile combines slim cabinets and a long detection lane for extremely accurate tailgating and piggybacking detection.
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- Underneath its sleek and stylish stainless steel exterior, the SU5000 boasts the latest in optical detection technology.
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SU3500 - This wing-style barrier optical turnstile incorporates Alvarado’s latest optical detection and motor control technology.
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SU3000 - The newly redesigned SU3000 enhances the look of any lobby or entrance area with hand polished satin stainless steel panels.
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SU2000 - Ideal for compact installation areas provides space saving bi-directional access control without the use of physical barriers.
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Pass 107 Light
- This provides the elegance of the lines and the clean visual impact of the stainless steel combined with glass.

Pass 107 - This series embodies all the qualities of Italian design: clean lines, understated elegant style with an infrared tailgating detection system as well as a speech synthesizer for directing users in transit.

Pass 179 - This turnstile was designed for very high throughput environments, and can be adjusted to meet wheelchair access requirements. It is commonly used in train and subway stations as well as airports.

Swing Gate 285 - With its automatic double swing barriers, this design allows quick and uninterrupted transit, with efficient control for every single user.

Swing Gate 330 - The tempered glass of the swing barriers and side panels make the Swing Gate 330 the ‘lightest’ automatic pedestrian gate in the SAIMA product range.