Door Control Services is a leading provider of automatic door installation services and maintenance for both new construction and remodeling projects throughout the southern U.S.. Regardless of the application or quantity, we can design, install and maintain automatic door systems that are aesthetically pleasing, secure and meet specified requirements.

Our trained and certified door professionals work with architects, general contractors, building owners and facility management to review project considerations and job requirements. Ultimately, every automatic door system is designed for the safe, uninterrupted flow of traffic while providing controlled access.


  • Electronic Access Control
  • Door Safety Decals

  • Guardrails

  • Key Access

  • Motion Sensors

  • Push Plates and Push Plate Posts

  • ­ Safety and Infrared Sensors

  • ­ Touchless Sensors

Did You Know?

Learn how often AAADM inspections are recommended.

AAADM certified inspections on automatic door systems are recommended on an annual basis, at a minimum, for a wide range of safety and liability reasons.

Did You Know?

Prevent the spread of germs with this tip.

Fight against health care acquired infections on every front. Ask about how antimicrobial coating on doors and door hardware help prevent the spread of germs. 

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Door Control Services: Experts At Your Service.

At Door Control Services, we understand that your automatic and manual doors are more than just a means to enter and exit your facility, and that your commercial doors and dock equipment are pivotal to your interaction with suppliers. Our mission is to provide our customers with the convenience expected while maintaining the latest safety standards.