Industrial, High Speed & Specialty Doors Overview

Many industrial and specialty openings call for specialized safety and security solutions. Count on Door Control Services to recommend and source the right door for the application. Our trained experts work with general contractors, architects, property managers, facility managers and business owners at all levels in the selection and maintenance of industrial, high speed and specialty door solutions. We have been providing specialized service throughout Texas and the southern U.S. since 1973.


  • Activation & Presence Sensors
  • Bollards
  • ­Guardrails

  • ­Operators

  • Photoelectric Sensors

  • Safety Light Curtains
  • ­Sensing Edges

  • Smoke & Weather Seals

  • Touchless Activation

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Did You Know?

Read interesting benefits of high speed doors.

High traffic areas have a lot to benefit from using high speed doors. Most high speed doors offer a tighter seal than sectional doors or especially rolling steel doors. Their extreme speed means they open and close before a sectional door could fully open!

Did You Know?

Learn how high speed doors can withstand impact.

Not only can high speed doors withstand an impact, but they are also designed with that in mind! Loading dock bays and passageways are perfect examples of high-traffic areas likely to incur impacts. Combined with safety devices, door curtains are configured to prevent injuries and product or equipment damage.

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At Door Control Services, we understand that your automatic and manual doors are more than just a means to enter and exit your facility, and that your commercial doors and dock equipment are pivotal to your interaction with suppliers. Our mission is to provide our customers with the convenience expected while maintaining the latest safety standards.