Standards set forth by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) require building owners and managers to have all types of fire and smoke-rated doors inspected and tested at least annually, and have a written record available. Door Control Services offers a variety of professional services to help ensure your door assemblies meet the stringent building code requirements mandated by regulatory bodies such as: CMS, The Joint Commission, Local Fire Marshals or AHJ’s, etc.

Fire Door Inspection Program (FDIP)

FDIP is for swinging type and horizontal/vertical sliding and rolling doors

The Fire Door Inspection Program (FDIP) is designed to assist you in your legal obligation to properly maintain the swinging type and horizontal/vertical sliding and rolling fire doors in your facility. This program meets the annual inspection requirements as defined by NFPA 80, and is performed by inspectors certified by the IFDIA (International Fire Door Inspector Association).

Fire Part Inspection Process

  • Pre-inspection coordination meeting
  • Comprehensive inspection of each opening

    1. Visual
    2. Functional
    3. Component compliance
  • Fire door inspection report
  • Follow up consultation
  • Annual re-inspection for continued code compliance


  • Inspection of swinging type fire doors to meet NFPA 80 requirements
  • Helps facilities prepare their fire door assemblies for local code compliance as well as The Joint Commission inspection
  • Inspection of smoke door assemblies to meet NFPA 105 regulations
  • Visual identification of openings with a label
  • Priority scheduling and discounted rates

Field Evaluation & Labeling

In the event your frames, doors and/or components are missing the required fire rated labels, Door Control Services can help with the certification and relabeling of swinging type and vertical/horizontal sliding and rolling doors in the field. Door Control Services will be there through the entire certification and labeling process to help bring your frames, doors and components back into compliance.

Code Consulting Services

Oftentimes, difficult questions arise regarding code interpretation, whether it is related to the IBC (International Building Code), IFC (International Fire Code), NFPA 80 or NFPA 101 Life Safety Code. The Professional Services Team stands ready to serve as your resource to help bring clarity to these difficult questions.

Did You Know?

See a top Joint Commission violation that is easily corrected.

The Joint Commission states that non-code compliant door openings are among the top 10 violations they see every year when inspecting health care institutions.

Did You Know?

Find out how critical proper doors and hardware are to a facility.

Doors and hardware are approximately 2% of the total construction costs on a commercial project, but create more than 30% of the punch list items. This includes new fire rated doors that are not code compliant even before the owner takes over the building.

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