Project Description

Customer Type: Power Plant

Industry: Industrial


A power plant was using one of Boston Dynamics’ robot dogs, named Spot, to patrol and inspect the grounds and 7 buildings. Spot makes his rounds, alerts a command center via real time video/audio/alarms of any suspicious activity or hazards such as fires, and video records all his travels. Some of buildings have steps leading up to the entrances and the dog “climbs” the steps to get to the entrance door. The challenge was opening the doors of the 7 buildings so that Spot can gain access and inspect the interior of each of the buildings.


Door Control Services, a DH Pace Company, provided a solution. As a test project, Door Control Services installed an automatic operator on one of the doors and developed a remote activation device with one of our sensor partners and Boston Dynamics. The sensor is fitted to Spot so when he approaches the door it automatically opens for him. The customer was very pleased with the results and is moving forward with automating the remainder of the doors on the project. Spot seems happy with his newfound mobility also. Watch Spot in action below.