Project Description


In response to concerns about security, a local school district considers expanding its access control system to include a visitor management program.


The school district had over 80 locations and was looking for a solution to create single points of entry for visitors controlled by an access control system. 


DH Pace consulted with district officials to configure the best solution. For schools that could limit the public to a single entrance, they proposed a video intercom entry system. This included a video doorbell, two video monitoring stations and the necessary accessories. This allowed staff to see and communicate with visitors requesting to enter. For schools where it was not physically possible to limit to a single point of entry, the team proposed additional security measures, including additional lockdown buttons and indicator strobe lights at guard booths. 

DH Pace worked closely with the local Fire and Life Safety Department on budgeting and scheduling to present solutions to the school board for approval. To date, over 50 schools have been equipped with the enhanced security systems with more to follow as the District’s budget allows.


Today, district staff, parents and students take comfort in the enhanced security these new systems provide.