Soft-Sided Shelters

Seals and Shelters


Soft-sided shelters service a variety of vehicle sizes and types, while providing full unimpeded access to the interior of the trailer. Durable foam side frames are mounted to double kiln dried lumber at the wall with removable side curtains attached to high-impact polypropylene on the inside of foam pads at the face. Shelters come standard with a structurally self-supported head canopy that is translucent and raked for drainage. The soft sides on the shelter prevent damage from any off center trailers. Bottom draft pads are standard.


  • Energy efficiency
  • Seals various truck/trailer sizes
  • Eliminates pressure on building wall
  • Helps prevent rain/water from landing on product and dock floor
  • Canopy protects product from damage during inclement weather
  • Bumper guards are not required


  • Heavy-duty treated wood
  • Durable fabrics in varying weights, styles, and colors
  • Foam filled draft pads prevent air from entering building
  • Coated polymer fabric face curtains have foam bead on inside edge which conforms to trailer for better seal
  • Wear caps with guide stripe on the bottom corners of face curtains, absorb impact of lower trailer corners


  • High Traffic Environments
  • Warehouses
  • Loading/Shipping Docks
  • Trucking/Distribution Centers
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