Dock Accessories

Loading Dock Equipment

Master Control Panel

Master Control Panels combine the operating controls for all dock devices into one compact panel, drastically improving functionality, productivity, security and environmental control while saving on electrical costs. The control fully integrates operations for the dock levelers, truck restraint, door and other dock equipment. A single power source saves field electrical labor and hard-wiring costs. Equipment is interlocked to ensure safe, sequential operation. The compact panel size optimizes wall space in confined areas and provides a more aesthetic, organized appearance.

Safety & Lighting Products

Door Control Services is a leader in providing lasting and economical solutions to safeguard loading dock personnel and warehouses against accidents and damage from poor lighting or poor communication between truck driver and dock workers. We offers dock lights in many sizes and variations to meet your needs.


Energy savings is a top priority for many companies. Door Control Services recognizes that by offering a variety of product solutions that support those efforts. LED dock lights save a significant amount of energy compared to traditional incandescent lights, without sacrificing lighting performance and significantly reduce utility, maintenance and replacement costs.

Energy loss at the loading dock due to gaps between the door, leveler, pit walls and truck can end up costing you thousands of dollars in losses each year. Door Control Services provides an extensive line of products designed to eliminate gaps and reduce energy loss in all these problem areas.

Protective Systems

Eliminate avoidable costly repairs to your building, stationary plant equipment and fixtures, in your warehouse and at your loading dock. Door Control Services offers a wide variety of products for your needs including flexible panels, visual barriers, bollards, column protectors, wheel guides and security gates.


Door Control Services offers safety gates and impact barriers to enhance safety throughout your warehouse. A dock impact barrier can provide protection from lift truck traffic. A work safe gate provides a visual barrier for pedestrians and light traffic.


Ramps are a practical and economical solution for low to medium traffic docks. Yard ramps, wheel risers and portable plates are a practical and economical solution for low to medium traffic docks or for applications with non-standard freight handling needs.


LED Dock lighting and upgrade kits for trailer restraints will save significant amounts of energy with a rapid return on investment. 


Outdated equipment slowing you down? Door Control Services has conversion and upgrade kits to get your dock or warehouse operating at peak efficiency.