Commercial Sectional & Rolling Doors Overview

Commercial sectional and rolling doors can be an essential component to your operations. In addition to its function, the right door for the right application makes a statement about safety.

Door Control Services offers a comprehensive line of commercial sectional and rolling doors to meet nearly any project requirement. In situations where an existing option cannot be sourced, Door Control Services can take your requirements to our manufacturing partners to create a custom solution. It’s part of our commitment to delivering exceptional service.


  • Bollards
  • Control Boxes
  • ­Heavy, Medium & Standard Duty Operators
  • ­Motion Detectors
  • Pull Cord Activation
  • ­Safety Beams & Photoelectric Sensors
  • Safety Edges
  • Safety Light Curtains
  • Track Bars

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Did You Know?

Which applications are well suited for insulated rolling steel doors?

Insulated rolling steel doors are a good choice for a variety of applications because of the energy efficiency they offer. Plus, you can choose from an array of options for both working requirements and aesthetics.

Did You Know?

Are you compliant with UL 325?

If your door and gate operators were manufactured before 2010, you may be missing out on important safety features. UL 325 compliant operators include continuously monitoring safety devices such as photoelectric safety sensors and/or pneumatic safety edges.

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At Door Control Services, we understand that your automatic and manual doors are more than just a means to enter and exit your facility, and that your commercial doors and dock equipment are pivotal to your interaction with suppliers. Our mission is to provide our customers with the convenience expected while maintaining the latest safety standards.