Educational institutions require numerous door and security products to function safely and effectively. From entry doors to interior doors and hardware to loading docks, DH Pace can provide the right equipment for every need. Below are some of the most common products for education facilities.

Exterior Doors
Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) and Aluminum Hybrid Doors
These doors are made for schools. Students are rough on doors and the FRP door with aluminum frame is built to withstand all of the traffic and abuse. They come in a variety of options from custom colors to wood grain appearance and more.

Aluminum Stile and Rail Doors
This type of door is generally more durable than welded doors, allowing them to withstand the punishment of high traffic areas. They allow for an open and inviting entrance with full-vision windows while also providing the security and functionality required for educational facilities. Doors can be painted to match any aesthetic.

Interior Doors
Steel Doors with Wood Grain Appearance
Installing steel doors rather than real wood gives the benefit of never worrying about the door warping, bowing, or cracking. The wood grain mimics the appearance of real wood to provide the warm, inviting aesthetic schools are looking for in classroom doors. The steel also withstands the abuse from students and is easy to disinfect. They provide longer fire ratings, and resist moisture, pests, and graffiti. Multiple stain options are available to give the look of numerous wood types.

Storm Shelters
Tornado Doors
Storm shelters are often a requirement in schools. It’s important to be prepared for whatever mother nature may bring while students are in the building. Doors rated for high winds or tornadoes provide a way to create a storm shelter within the confines of the facility. It’s important to look at the wind load of the door as well as the material. Heavy gauge reinforcing in the door itself and heavy-weight hinges ensure the safety of students and staff.

A popular option for educational facilities is “Intruder Function” locks for both mortise and cylindrical lock applications. The mechanical (key-operated) classroom intruder lock expands the classroom function lock by incorporating double lock cylinder control, enabling a teacher to lock the lock and secure the door from within the classroom without having to expose themself by entering the hallway to lock the door. This feature always allows free egress while leaving the outside lever locked, meeting all ADA and Life Safety requirements.


Contact DH Pace for more information on these and other door and hardware products for educational facilities. We’re here to help you ensure the safety of your students and staff while meeting all code requirements.