Proper maintenance will ensure your doors continue operating at peak efficiency. While the best option is regularly scheduled service such as with DH Pace’s Planned Maintenance Agreement, there are things you can do between service visits to avoid downtime and extend the life of your doors.

Perform daily safety checks. The American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM) provides a list of recommended checks. These include activating the door to ensure it opens and closes at a slow, smooth pace and stops without impact; ensuring the door stays open at least five seconds before beginning to close; inspecting the floor area to ensure it is clear; and inspecting the door’s overall condition for loose parts and proper signage.

Know your door operator. You may have initially installed a standard door operator and over time, the door has become a high traffic thoroughfare. Or perhaps you installed an extra-heavy door. This could be making your door operator work too hard and cause it to wear out sooner than expected. A professional door servicer can help you determine if your operator is properly sized for your door and opening.

Watch the weather conditions. This is especially true during cold weather months when snow, ice and even salt can work its way into the path of your automatic door. This debris can cause the door to malfunction or even break. Also beware of particularly windy locations or hurricane-prone locations. You need to have wind-rated doors and openers to withstand the extra pressure put on them.

Clean regularly. It’s essential to clean the doors and its components regularly – including the operator and sensors. This will help keep dust and debris off the moving parts and out of the way of the door itself. Avoid hitting the doors with anything such as carts as well. However, it’s best to leave the electronic panel to the professionals.

Call in professionals. AAADM also recommends having your doors inspected by an AAADM-certified inspector at least annually. DH Pace technicians are AAADM certified among other certifications to ensure the best service for your doors.