Due to rapid growth, a Fortune 500 manufacturer was running out of capacity in one of their million square foot regional distribution centers. The influx of demand necessitated an accelerated construction schedule for an additional distribution center next to the existing facility. The manufacturer had selected a prominent national general contractor and construction plans were underway. Next, they needed a partner that could supply 150 commercial sectional doors on their abbreviated schedule. 

It was important to the manufacturer to construct their new facility to match their existing distribution center aesthetically, so they requested a custom paint color for the sectional doors. A custom color requirement typically adds more lead time, which would have pushed the project’s completion in this case. This meant the doors would have to be put on the fast track in order to meet deadline. 



DH Pace had worked with the general contractor in the past so when plans started to move forward, the contractor reached out to DH Pace for support. From the point that submittals were approved, the construction schedule allowed six weeks to place orders, custom paint the doors and install them. DH Pace coordinated with the manufacturer to reduce the overall lead time. The project schedule was so critical the general contractor visited the manufacturing plant to inspect the doors while they were in production to confirm the door construction and custom color matching. 

As the installation date approached, the DH Pace team met with the owner at the construction site to coordinate the installation schedule. Over two weeks, DH Pace technicians installed 150 commercial sectional doors to ensure that the building was enclosed. 


This project was successful because DH Pace understood the importance of delivering a large-scale, customized solution on a fast track basis. Through efficient project management and skilled installation, DH Pace completed their work a full week ahead of the construction schedule.