Mechanical Dock Levelers

Loading Dock Equipment


Mechanical dock levelers offer excellent value. To operate, pull the release chain and let the heavy-duty lift springs do the work. The deck rises and the lip is lifted into the locked position. Simply walk the deck down onto the truck bed and begin loading. On truck departure, the lip automatically releases and lowers allowing the unit to be returned to stored level. Levelers come in 6′, 66″, and 7′ standard widths, and 6′, 8′, and 10′ standard lengths. Standard capacities range from 25K to 50K CIR (Comparative Industry Rating) depending on the model.


  • Easy to operate
  • No heavy lifting
  • Service range 12″ below and above dock
  • Economical


  • Box construction deck assembly
  • Below dock end loading control
  • Yieldable lip extension
  • Extended range float/hold down mechanism
  • Two (2) bumpers
  • Built-in safety strut enables safe under-deck inspections and maintenance
  • Various sizes and capacities


  • Warehouses
  • Loading/Shipping Docks
  • Trucking/Distribution Centers
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