Our mission is to provide our customers with the convenience expected from their automatic ICU/CCU doors while maintaining the latest safety standards that their patrons deserve. All of our 100+ technicians are AAADM (American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers) certified, trained on all makes and models, and drive fully stocked vans to cut down on costly return trips.

Door Control Services has been in continuous operation since 1973 with service technicians located across the states of Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Our support personnel provides dispatch, quotes on demand and project management services. Retrofitting is available for all makes and models of ICU/CCU doors, which extends the life of your doors. We can convert these types of doors to a positive latch system without door panel replacement.

We make adjustments to speed, assure functionality, safety, lube and adjust, check for loose screws, sensors and safety decals. Doors are inspected to current ANSI safety standards. Our technicians evaluate the condition of the door operation, weather seals, bottom sweeps, controller and motor operation, rollers guides and tracks, then make recommendations or repairs.




ICU/CCU Sliding Door Systems provides simple, easy, attractive access in and out of patient rooms. These sliding doors are available in trackless two- and four-panel or three- and six-panel telescoping configurations and can be equipped with standard or trackless bottom guide operation.


5900 Series Manual ICU Doors -
This system is the future in Hospital / Healthcare facilities providing simple, easy, attractive access in and out of patient rooms.
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4900 Series All In One Series - This system provides the latest in health care room access while minimizing intrusion of passageways when full room access is required.
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ICU300 / ICU300T Doors
- These doors are available in a wide range of sizes, configurations, and finishes. A recessed track or trackless guide system allows for easy operation with or without a floor track. Perfect access for hospitals and surgical centers.
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ICU1200 Swing Door - This system allows the ease of a bi-directional swing door with expanded access using a bi-fold set. This three-panel door gives the access you need without the need for a breakout.
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2100 Trackless and GT 2150 Series Sliders
- With floor track these systems allow users to stack the sliding door and swing panel to one side allowing full opening access.
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GT 2125 Series Sliders – This is a trackless system with fixed sidelites allowing partial breakout. This series is ideally suited for ICU/CCU rooms designated as “infection control” where airborne germs must be kept from spreading to other areas.
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